Hello world!

Although I am no programmer, it seems appropriate to start my first interaction as a blogger with a Hello!  Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope this is the first of many conversations.



About Prakash Aditham

I am a management consultant with a passion for Strategy, Analytics and the Art and Science of decision making. Trained in the sciences and operations management, I have come to believe that for success in the real world, a reliance on data or technology is no substitute for creative problem solving and strong leadership
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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. sandeep says:

    Very nice article! At a very mundane level, we are prone to a blurring of correlation or coincidence with cause-effect relationships, and as you rightly point out, hypothesis testing must begin with clear statements of the H_0 and H-alternate, to use statistical lingo. That can guide our choice of quantifiable metrics as evidence, but at the end, sound judgment in interpretation and conclusion is a uniquely human capability, nowadays touted as ‘EQ’. No amount of machine intelligence will give us this critical faculty. And with digital data, we can only go so far as to see ‘patterns’ in machine data or at best, consumer behavior in e-commerce. But as you alluded to, in the TV show ‘House’, several highly-charged brainstorming sessions help a team of really smart medicos to make life-or-death decisions, to great effect!

    • Hi Sandeep,
      Thanks for the comment. I think you intended to respond to the other article about competing hypotheses and not to “Hello World” 🙂
      In any case, I’d agree with your comment about machine intelligence and the need for sound judgment born of both intuition and logic. However in the years since I wrote the article, the advances in AI, Deep Learning and how they are able to quickly teach a computer what takes an expert years to learn (like a Doctor) is making me wonder if we can remain complacent in our abilities….

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