Welcome to my blog that explores the fertile middle ground between Art and Science, the Subjective and Objective, Strategy and Execution

Trained in the scientific method and management principles, my writings reflect interests in Strategy, Psychology, Photography, Analytics and the effective use of Information in improving our lives.

The name of the blog is personal in more ways than one. Luminous is a literal reference to the meaning of my name Prakash. It comes from the Sanskrit ‘pra’ meaning “forth” and ‘kāśa’ meaning “shining.” Hence the meaning “luminous; shining forth”.

As for Insights, I just love its various meanings:

  1. an understanding of relationships that shed light on or help solve a problem
  2. an understanding of the motivational forces behind one’s actions, thoughts, or behavior; self-knowledge.
  3. discerning the inner character or apprehending the underlying truth

as it describes quite well what motivates and propels me on this journey of discovery. It is a quest that is both practical and spiritual – what more can you wish for?


Would love to read what you think...all feedback is welcome and much appreciated

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